Shasta Lake Garden Project

“Enhancing the community through gardening . . .”

Memorial Garden

Extreme Garden Makeover Event.
Was held on Sat, April 29 2006
From bare earth to manicured beauty in just a few hours! This is what the Shasta Lake Garden Project planned for the last part of the Community Memorial Garden on Shasta Dam Blvd just west of the Veteran's Memorial Fountain.
Three years in the making and many more in the planning, this memorial garden needed a final push.
Saturday, April 22 2006, the entire community was invited to produce an Instant Garden! The Garden Makeover Event! Live music, was donated by Mike Rader, drinks and food from local merchants, and material, muscle and money was provided by the community.
Many took part by joining us for the day or just for an hour. Satisfaction guaranteed....think of driving by in years to come and saying "I was a part of that".
The area, about a half acre, was divided into grids, each team was assigned a grid or grids, given a plant map and plants. Members of the SLGP were on hand to show assure that the leafy side goes up and the stringy things go down!
Teams from Mike Werner's Farmer's Insurance, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Curves, the Salazar family and the Delbert Jones family were among the early volunteers. Denny Murphy from Creekside Gardens was involved in the pre-planning process.
No heavy digging or earth moving was required on the event day. Only small plants and shrubs were planted.
Donations of Materials, Money or Muscle may be made by contacting the Shasta Lake Garden members at or calling RoseMary at 275-0879.
One of the donations is 20 commemerative roses read the story here.
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